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How To Identify Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Drug addiction is a mystery to many people. They may wonder why the addicted person doesn’t use willpower to stop using drugs or alcohol. An addict has a disease that willpower cannot cure. Doctors and scientists have studied how drugs change the brain, and with this data, they have learned to help people regain their lives. Can you spot the signs of addiction? Do you feel like you or someone you know might have this disease? You probably have more questions than answers right now, but we can help here at 247drugrehab.com.

How does drug addiction happen?

Drug and alcohol addiction slowly takes over a person’s body and mind. It usually begins when the person takes drugs for recreational or social purposes. The substance will make the person feel different and better. Over time, they crave that intoxicating feeling more than they desire taking care of themselves, their work, and even their friends and family. When it reaches this point, the person may physically need the drug. Without the drug in their system, they feel bad both physically and mentally.

The physical pain can be in the form of nausea, muscle cramping, and seizures. Mentally they can feel suicidal, anger, or paranoid. The symptoms the addict experiences depends largely upon the type of drug they are addicted to.

People can be addicted to more than just illegal drugs and alcohol. Drug addiction can include prescription medication also. Some prescription drugs that people can get addicted to are

    • Percocet or oxycodone
    • Vicodin or hydrocodone
    • Ritalin or methylphenidate 

Reports at Web MD describe three classes of prescription medications that are addicting. They are opioids, medications used to treat sleep and anxiety, and stimulants.

 How are drug addicts cured?

Addiction can be treated, but the person who does not use drugs for a short period of time is not considered cured. Recovery is a long process. 

One option is inpatient addiction treatment, which can be a 24 hour drug rehab facility. The addict would have supervision around the clock. The inpatient drug rehab can vary from one week to 30 days or even months. When someone is receiving inpatient addiction treatment, there are no one-size-fits all scenarios. 

When a person begins treatment, a 24 hour drug rehab center might be needed. Addictions are strong, and they pull at the person day and night, evenings, and weekends. There is no holiday for an addict.

 What happens during treatment and recovery?

During inpatient addiction treatment, some therapy may be offered. It may be individual or group therapy. In a 24 hour drug rehab clinic, there might be a medically supervised program of detoxification, and with all inpatient drug rehab operations, there is plenty of support staff. Need to sell your house fast your house fast due to drug addiction contact Sell My House Fast!

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